True story: I always envisioned that when I got married, I’d celebrate by having a huge feast of sorts: green onions wrapped in newspaper and dug into the ground, then peeled back and slathered in sauce, Spanish-style, or giant jugs of wine poured freely all ’round. If food is the ceremony of life, then what better way to celebrate a union of two people than by having lots and lots of it?

Well, I’m not married, nor am I planning anyone’s wedding soon. But I also always wanted to have a pig roast and a lamb on a spit; there’s something so pure and simple about a whole animal on fire, as if this is a tradition done for centuries and centuries, man eating animal by earth and fire. The simplicity is what makes it elegant.

Anyway, to make a long story short: I’ve always been fascinated by pig roasts. And so I’m thrilled to announce that B’klyn Burros will be hosting a fabulous authentic pig roast this Saturday in Williamsburg’s Havemeyer Park. There’ll be homemade chicharrĂ³nes (fried pork rinds), carnitas (roast pork), buche (pork sweetbreads), tacos, salsa, chili brews, and most importantly, there’ll be lots of love. To book a spot, click through to Gourmeet.

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