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Jennifer Dean

38, female, New York, United States

My go-to cocktail conversation starter is:

Some iteration of "Oh really?"

When I introduce myself to new people, I tend to:

Say "Oh really?"

Seven ingredients I couldn't live without:

Popcorn, bubble gum, spritzers.

The best meal of my life was:

Not a combination of the three ingredients above.

More about me:

My place

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Kimchi Tasting Party

Did you know that there were over 100 different kinds of kimchi? While most people are familiar with the fiery red hot kind made from nappa cabbage, kimchi -- simply, a fermented pickle -- can be watery, cool, shredded or cooked, and made from cucumber, daikon, turnips and more. The possibilities are endless. 

I invite you to come over my house to try out five different kinds of kimchi, paired with what has been defined as the "PBR of South Korea": makgeolli.

Each guest will also leave with a small mason jar of homemade kimchi made by yours truly. :)

10/27/13 7:30 PM


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