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Allan Roth

42, male, Brooklyn, United States

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My go-to cocktail conversation starter is:

What drink can I make for you?

Seven ingredients I couldn't live without:

Bourbon whiskey, Scotch whisky, Rye whiskey, Japanese whisky, Irish whiskey, Wheat whiskey, and Kale

The best meal of my life was:

Beef 7 Ways at Ma Peche

More about me:

Allan Roth, of Char No. 4, teaches whiskey classes there based on an original curriculum of his own creation.  In crafting these classes, he draws from over 150 American whiskeys, each with a unique story and flavor profile.  Allan also serves as an instructor at Murray's Cheese and runs guided tastings at Maysville, one of the newest additions to Manhattan's whiskey scene, among other venues.  

Allan likes long walks along the Red Hook Waterfront District, shots of Fernet-Branca, and, of course, the sweet brown nectar of Kentucky. 

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American Rye Whiskey Tasting: A History

Before bourbon became the American Spirit, there was rye whiskey.  The Whiskey Rebellion was a rye whiskey rebellion and George Washington was, at one time, the largest distiller of rye in the country.  Now, in part due to the classic cocktail revival, rye is more in demand than ever. 

I invite you to come over to my house to taste through America's history with rye.  We’ll kick things off with a little Rock and Rye -- a sweet rye whiskey infusion used for “medicinal purposes” during the Prohibition era -- before tasting through 4 distinct styles of rye including some from my personal collection which are no longer readily available.  Whiskeys will include an 18th century-style rye of the type made by America's first distillers, a Kentucky-style rye of the kind made after most rye production shifted west of the Appalachians, as well as two other contemporary styles--one from Indiana and one from Canada!  We'll discuss the reasons why each of these styles taste the way it does as well as some great uses for this robust, flavorful spirit!

10/8/13 7:30 PM

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Allan is a generous and knowledgeable host. He invited us into his home in Gowanus and gave us a fantastic run through of his very impressive collection of unique and hard-to-find whiskeys and entertained us way past what was typically expected. A great experience. By Youyoung Lee (food: 100.00%, atmosphere: 90.00%, decoration: 90.00%)